Novice: The first year a Consumer Reviewer serves on a CDMRP scientific peer review panel, he or she is called a Novice. To be considered as a novice consumer reviewer, the nominee and their organization submit a nomination packet. Nominees are assessed based on the evaluation criteria to determine if they are eligible to serve. Novices are randomly selected from the pool of eligible nominees that is created from those nominated.

Mentor: Mentors are experienced Consumer Reviewers who, as Novices, effectively represented the broad perspective of their Consumer community on previous CDMRP scientific peer review panels. Mentors are randomly selected from the pool of eligible second year Consumer Reviewers. In addition to reviewing applications, the Mentor serves as a guide to the Novice Consumer Reviewers on the panel. Before the meeting, the Mentor provides meeting preparation guidance and describes their personal experience of serving on a panel to Novice Consumer Reviewers. At the meeting, the Mentor helps the Novices feel comfortable with the process and interactions with scientific reviewers.

Peer Review: The first level of review for research applications is the scientific peer review. The peer review panels are composed of scientist reviewers (selected on the basis of relevant scientific expertise), and Consumer Reviewers. The panel deliberates on and scores the scientific merit of each application based on specific evaluation criteria. Each panel member scores each application.