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FY13 Lung Cancer Research Program Integration Panel:

Eva Szabo, M.D. (Chair)
National Cancer Institute

Thomas Labrecque (Chair Emeritus)
The Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation

Jeffrey Bradley, M.D.
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Salvatore Cirone, D.V.M.
Office of the Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs

Martin Edelman, M.D.
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Fred Hirsch, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Marc Ladanyi, M.D.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Charles Mulligan, M.D.
Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center

Nicholas Petrick, Ph.D.
Food and Drug Administration

Ronald Poropatich, M.D. *
University of Pittsburgh

Sheila Ross
Lung Cancer Alliance

David Sturges, J.D.
Lung Cancer Foundation of America

Regina Vidaver, Ph.D.
National Lung Cancer Partnership

* Ad hoc member