Documents & Reports


  • To Dance With the Devil: The New War on Breast Cancer. New York: Dell.
    Author: Karen Stabiner
    Published: 1997

Journals & Articles

  • "Acupuncture offered as treatment for Gulf War vets"
    Source: The Boston Globe
    Authors: Chelsea Conaboy, Globe Staff
    Published: May 30, 2011
  • "CDMRP: Fostering Innovation Through Peer Review"
    Source: Journal of the Technology and Innovation
    Authors: Captain E. Melissa Kaime, M.D., Steven Goldberg, Ph.D., Katherine H. Moore, Ph.D.
    Published: 2010
    Pages: 233-240
  • Department of Defense: Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (inactive link)
    Source: The Next Wave by permission of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and also available through GrantsNet.
    Author: Katie Cottingham
    Published: June 1, 2001
  • "Cancer Advocacy Evolves as It Gains Seats on Research Panels"
    Source: Journal of the National Cancer Institute
    Author: Caroline McNeil
    Published: February 21, 2001
    Article: 93(4), 257-259
  • "Three's Company: The Army, Women with Cancer, and the Medical Community Have Joined Forces."
    Source: MAMM
    Author: Christine Haran
    Published: January 2001
    Pages: 38 - 43 & 57
  • "Growing Toward a Cure."
    Source: MAMM 2.14
    Author: Frances Cerra Whittelsey
    Published: September/October 1999
    Pages: 44 - 47+
  • "Breast Cancer Survivors Give Unique Perspective on Army Research Funds."
    Source: Army Times 31 (May 1999): 25
    Author: Diane Tsimekles
  • "Military Leads in Breast Cancer Research."
    Source: The Mercury (April 1999): 8.
    Author: Connie E. Dickey
  • "NIH Invites Activists into the Inner Sanctum."
    Source: Science 283 (March 1999)
    Author: Bruce Agnew
  • "Military Women's Research."
    Source: Military Medicine 164
    Author: Laurie J. Davis and Anne B. Woods Published: January 1999
    Pages: 6–10.

Peer-reviewed Articles, Abstracts & Posters

  • Young-McCaughan, S., Rich, I. M., Lindsay, G. C., Bertram, K. A. (2002). Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program: Innovations in the federal funding of biomedical research. Clinical Cancer Research, 8(4), 957-962.
    Published: 2002
  • Andejeski, Y., Breslau, E. S., Hart, E., Lythcott, N., Alexander, L., Rich, I., Bisceglio I., Smith H. S., Visco, F. M., & the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Fiscal Year 1995 Breast Cancer Research Program Integration Panel. (2002). Benefits and drawbacks of including consumer reviewers in the scientific merit review of breast cancer research. Journal of Women's Health & Gender-Based Medicine, 11(2), 119-136.
    Published: 2002
  • "The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs: A Model for Peer Reviewed Funding of New Biomedical Technologies." Poster presentation by S.H. Krosnick, C.K. Hall, S. Young-McCaughan, and K.A. Bertram at the BioMEMs and Biomedical Nanotechnology WORLD 2000 Conference. Columbus, OH.
    Published: September 23–26, 2000
  • Bertram, K.B and L. A. Raulin. "Innovative Science Management." Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (2000). Published: May-June, 6–7, 2000
  • Department of Defense Recruitment of Minority Consumer Peer Reviewers (Adobe PDF format)
    Published: February 2000
  • Consumer Inclusion in Breast Cancer Scientific Peer Review Panels (Adobe PDF format)
    Published: December 1999
  • Young-McCaughan, Stacey. "Department of Defense Offers Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program." Oncology Nursing Society, Special Interest Group Newsletter 10 (August 1999): 3.
    Published: August 1999
  • Rich, I. M , Y. Andejeski, M. H. Alciati, I. C. Bisceglio, E. S. Breslau, L. McCall, and A. Valadez. "Perspective from the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program." Breast Disease (1998) 10: 33–45.
    Published: 1998