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Award Number PI Product or Resource References Contact Information or Link
Cell Lines


Jonathan Chernoff

Nf1+/- iPS cell lines


Samuel Rabkin

Human MPNST stem-like cell (MSLC) line: S462 MSLCs

Spyra M et al. 2011. Cancer stem cell-like cells derived from malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. PLoS ONE 6:e21099

Antoszczyk S, Spyra M, Mautner VF, Kurtz A, Stemmer-Rachamimov AO, Martuza RL, Rabkin SD. Treatment of orthotopic malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors with oncolytic herpes simplex virus. Neuro Oncol. 2014 Aug;16(8):1057-66.

Please contact Dr. Victor-Felix Mautner:


Victor-Felix Mautner

MPNST cell lines:

  1. 1507 (loss of heterozygosity in p53; splicing mutation in intron 23-1 and a deletion in exon 10a of NF1).
  2. 1844 (loss of heterozygosity in NF1 region)

Reuss DE, et al. 2013. Sensitivity of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor cells to TRAIL is augmented by loss of NF1 through modulation of MYC/MAD and is potentiated by curcumin through induction of ROS. PLoS One 8(2):e57152


Wallace Ip

NIH3T3, Cos7 and HEI-193 lines expressing various mutant merlins

Lepont et al. Point mutation in the NF2 gene of HEI-193 schwannoma cells results in expression of a non-growth suppressive merlin isoform. Mutation Research. 2008 Jan 1; 637(1-2); 142-151.


Robert Martuza

Mouse schwannoma cell line: Nf2S-1

Prabhakar S et al. 2007. Treatment of implantable NF2 schwannoma tumor models with oncolytic herpes simplex virus G47Δ. Cancer Gene Therapy 14:460-467.

Please contact Dr. Xandra Breakefield:


Ali Andalibi

Immortalized human NF2 schwannoma line: HEI-193

Hung G et al. 2002. Establishment and characterization of a schwannoma cell line from a patient with neurofibromatosis 2. International Journal of Oncology 20(3):475-482. (external link)


George Devries

Immortalized human NF1 MPNST cell line: T265-2C

Lee PR, et al. 2004. Transcriptional profiling in an MPNST-derived cell line and normal human Schwann cells. Neuron Glia Biology 1(2):135-147.