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Award Number PI Product or Resource References Contact Information or Link
Cell and Molecular Bio Tools


Toshifumi Tomoda

Plasmids for the autophagy-related protein Unc51.Atg1-myc and the NF2 point mutation Merlin K79E-myc

Flores R, Hirota Y, Armstrong B, Sawa A, Tomoda T. DISC1 regulates synaptic vesicle transport via a lithium-sensitive pathway. Neuroscience research. 2011;71(1):71-77. doi:10.1016/j.neures.2011.05.014.


Pamela Vanderzalm

Kinase domains of Hpo (aa. 1-367), MST1 (aa 1-320), and MST2(aa 1-316) in pGEX expression vector

Boggiano JC, et al. 2011. Tao-1 phosphorylates Hippo/MST kinases to regulate the Hippo-Salvador-Warts tumor suppressor pathway. Developmental Cell 21(5):888-895.

Dr. Richard Fehon


Jonathan Chernoff

NF1 gene repair vector designed to replace the disrupted Nf1 allele in a mouse model by restoring exon 31.


Lawrence Kirschner

pcDNA3.1 encoding wildtype Rac1, Rac1 Q61L, or Rac1 T17N

Manchanda P et al. 2013. Rac1 is required for Prkar1a-mediated Nf2 suppression in Schwann cell tumors. Oncogene; 32(30): 3491-3499.

Yin Z, Pringle DR, Jones GN, et al. 2011. Differential role of PKA catalytic subunits in mediating phenotypes caused by knockout of the Carney complex gene Prkar1a. Mol Endocrinol; 25: 1786-1793.


Susan Lindquist

pBabe vector encoding EGFP and pBabe vector encoding dominant-negative MEK1 mutant (Ser218Ala and Ser222Ala)

Dai C, et al. 2012. Loss of tumor suppressor NF1 activates HSF1 to promote carcinogenesis. J Clin Invest 122(10):3742-3754.


Wallace Ip

1. Adenoviral and lentiviral merlin and PPM1B constructs.
2. Immortalized mouse embryo fibroblasts derived from Nf2-/- mouse.
3. FRET probes of merlin conformation – C-merlin-V, C-merlin, merlin-V, C6V, C-merlinN-half, merlinC-half-V, in mammalian expression vector.
4. Deletion constructs of merlin for FRET – C-FERM-V, C-FERM-Helix-V, C-helix-CTD-V.
5. FRET probes of merlin conformation in bacterial expression vector.

Lepont et al. Point mutation in the NF2 gene of HEI-193 schwannoma cells results in expression of a non-growth suppressive merlin isoform. Mutation Research. 2008 Jan 1; 637(1-2); 142-151.


Long-Sheng Chang

pUASP myc-tagged merlin constructs:

  • Mer+ (wild type)
  • Mer3 mutant (Met177Ile)
  • MerΔBB mutant (Blue Box deletion)
  • Mer1-379 mutant
  • Mer345-635 mutant

Dorogova NV, et al. 2008. The role of Drosophila Merlin in spermatogenesis. BMC Cell Biology Jan 10;9:1.

Yudina OS, et al. 2010. The role of the functional sites of the merlin tumor suppressor in Drosophila spermatogenesis. Russian Journal of Genetics 46(10):1214-1216.