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Award Number PI Product or Resource References Contact Information or Link
Drosophila Models


James Walker and
Andre Bernards

Snr101319 homozygous Drosophila expressing:

  1. actin5C-GAL4>SMARCB1-a
  2. actin5C-GAL4>SMARCB1-B
  3. actin5C-GAL4>SMARCB1 P14H
  4. actin5C-Gal4>SMARCB1 R53L
  5. actin5C-GAL4>SMARCB1 ΔExon 4

Smith M et al. 2012. Expression of SMARCB1 (INI1) mutations in familial schwannomatosis. Hum Mol Genet; 21(24): 5239-5245.


Michael Stern

  1. D42>CaMKIIT287D
  2. D42>CaMKIIT287A
  3. D42>ala
  4. DFaKCG1,D42>DFaK+
  5. DFaKCG1, D42>CaMKIIT287D
  6. D42>PI3KDN, CaMKIIT287D
  7. D42>PI3K-CAAX, ala
  8. DFaKCG1,D42>PI3K-CAAX
  9. DmGluRA112b;D42>CaMKIIT287D
  10. DmGluRA112b; D42>+

Lin C et al. 2011. The metabotropic glutamate receptor activates the lipid kinase PI3K in Drosophila motor neurons through calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II and the nonreceptor tyrosine kinase DFaK. Genetics 188:601-613.


Michael Stern

  1. D42>PI3K-CAAX
  2. DmGluRA112b;D42>PI3K-CAAX
  3. D42>PI3KDN
  4. Foxo21/Foxo25
  5. Foxo21/Foxo25;OK6>PI3KDN
  6. D42>PI3K-CAAX;Foxo+
  7. OK6>PI3KDN
  8. D42>Foxo+
  9. D42>PI3K-CAAX;S6KDN
  10. D42>S6KACT
  11. D42>S6KDN
  12. gli>RasV12
  13. PI3K2H1;gli>RasV12
  14. gli>PI3KDN,RasV12
  15. gli>PI3K-CAAX
  16. PI3K2H1/PI3KA;gli>PI3K-CAAX
  17. MZ709>PI3K-CAAX
  18. gli-RafF179
  19. gli>RalV20
  20. Akt4226;gli>PI3K-CAAX
  21. Akt4226/+;gli>PI3K-CAAX
  22. gli>PI3K-CAAX;Foxo+(f19-5)
  23. gli>PI3K-CAAX, Foxo+(m3-1)
  24. gli>PI3K-CAAX, GFP

Howlett E, et al. 2008. A PI3-kinase-mediated negative feedback regulates neuronal excitability. Public Library of Science Genetics 4 e1000277.

Lavery W, et al. 2007. Phosphatidyl inositol 3-kinase and Akt nonautonomously promote perineural glial growth in Drosophila peripheral nerves. Journal of Neuroscience27:279-288.