FY16 Investigator-Initiated Research Award

The list of Fiscal Year 2016 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Investigator-Initiated Research Award applications recommended for funding is for informational purposes only. Identification on this list of applications recommended for funding is not intended to either confer a right to funding nor does it guarantee funding. The award of federal funds to support any of these applications is contingent upon successful negotiations and applicable federal policy.

Institution Principal Investigator
Appili Therapeutics Inc. Sridhar Narayan
Baruch S. Blumberg Institute Ju-Tao Guo
Baylor College of Medicine James Martin
Baylor College of Medicine Peter Hotez
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc. Yoshihide Kanaoka
Carnegie Mellon University Keith Cook
Children's Hospital, Cincinnati Satish Madala
Cornell University, Ithaca Marjolein van der Meulen
Cornell University, Weill Medical College Todd Evans
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Anne Davidson
Ibis Biosciences, Inc. Thomas Chiesl
Indiana University, Indianapolis Bonnie Blazer-Yost
J. David Gladstone Institutes Benoit Bruneau
Johns Hopkins University Jennifer Elisseeff
Massachusetts General Hospital Anna-Liisa Brownell
Massachusetts General Hospital Ebru Oral
Massachusetts General Hospital M.Armin Arnaout
Scripps Research Institute Jerold Chun
Stanford University Aida Habtezion
Stanford University Edda Spiekerkoetter
Thomas Jefferson University Erin Seifert
Tulane University Stryder Meadows
University of Alabama at Birmingham Jaroslaw Zmijewski
University of California, Los Angeles Arjun Deb
University of Colorado, at Denver John Beckham
University of Pittsburgh Beth Roman
University of Pittsburgh David Whitcomb
University of Rochester Stephen Dewhurst
Vanderbilt University Colleen Niswender
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Timothy Blackwell
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Vasiliy Polosukhin
Veterans Education and Research Association of Northern New England, Inc Brian Shiner
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Anna Jacobs

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