Released: June 8, 2010

Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program Announces
FY2010 Translational New Investigator Award

The Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program Translational New Investigator Award is new for Fiscal Year 2010 and supports the development of translational research partnerships between two independent investigators to address at least one of the FY10 PRCRP Topic Areas listed below. Within the partnership, one member must be a laboratory scientist and the other must be a clinician. This award is intended to support a mentoring partnership between a new investigator, the Principal Investigator ,and a mentor,a clinician or laboratory scientist with an established research program in one of the FY10 PRCRP Topic Areas.

Topic Areas

  • Melanoma and other skin cancers
  • Pediatric brain tumors
  • Blood cancers
  • Genetic cancer research and genomic medicine
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Listeria vaccine for cancer
  • Radiation protection utilizing nanotechnology

A pre-application consisting of a two page narrative and biosketches is due July 14, 2010. Full applications are by invitation only and are due October 20, 2010 (see Timeline for Submission below). The maximum funding is $300,000 for direct costs over three years. The full Program Announcement is available on the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs website: , and is also available on Grants.Gov website: under Find Grant Opportunities.

Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program

The Fiscal Year 2010 (FY10) Defense Appropriation Act provided for $15 million to the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program to research cancers not addressed in the breast, prostate, lung, and ovarian cancer research programs currently executed by the DOD U. S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.

Timeline for Submission and Review

  • Pre-application Submission Deadline:   5:00 p.m. Eastern time (ET), July 14, 2010
  • Invitation to Submit an Application:         September 8, 2010
  • Application Submission Deadline:          11:59 p.m. ET, October 20, 2010
  • Scientific Peer Review:                           December 2010
  • Programmatic Review:                           February 2011

Point of Contact: