Released: August 17, 2015

Defense Health Program
Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (PH/TBI) Research Program
Upcoming Funding Opportunity

The FY15 Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (PH/TBI) Research Program is funded with Congressional Appropriations to support innovative research committed to complement and further ongoing DoD efforts to ensure the health and readiness of our military forces. This program announcement is administered by the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) with strategic oversight from Joint Program Committee 5 (JPC5)/Military Operational Medicine Research Program (MOMRP).

The PH/TBI Research Program is providing the information in this pre-announcement to allow investigators time to plan and develop applications. The Cognitive Enhancement and Skills-Based Assessment and Training Research Award (CESATRA) Program Announcement and General Application Instructions for the following award mechanism are anticipated to be posted on the website in October 2015. Pre-application and application deadlines will be available when the Program Announcement is released. This pre-announcement should not be construed as an obligation by the government.

Award Mechanism Eligibility Key Mechanism Elements Funding
Cognitive Enhancement and Skills-based Assessment and Training Research Award (CESATRA) Independent investigators at all academic levels (or equivalent)
  • A pre-application is required
  • The FY15 CESATRA intent is to support applied and clinical research focused on cognitive skills assessment, enhancement and training relevant to Service Members.
  • The Program Announcement seeks research applications that are focused on (a) Cognitive skills required for military operational specialties (and related occupations) and (b) tools and strategies for cognitive enhancement.
  • The anticipated funding limit is $1.5M total costs.
  • The anticipated maximum period of performance is 3 years.

A pre-application is required and must be submitted through the electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP) at prior to the pre-application deadline. All applications must conform to the final Program Announcements and General Application Instructions that will be available for electronic downloading from A listing of all CDMRP funding opportunities can be obtained on the website by performing a basic search using CFDA Number 12.420.

Applications must be submitted through the federal government's single-entry portal, Submission deadlines are not available until the Program Announcements are released. Requests for email notification of the Program Announcement release may be sent to For more information about the PH/TBI or other CDMRP administered programs, please visit the CDMRP website (

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