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Released: September 2, 2021

CDMRP-Funded Biomedical Innovations Featured in “Impact Highlights” Book

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) released a book featuring examples of some of the many impactful accomplishments and breakthroughs made possible through this special research funding. Impact Highlights describes innovative discoveries, unique resources, cutting-edge technologies, and promising research that has moved into clinical care. This book illustrates not only the diversity of research but also the shared focus across all programs on research that will ultimately improve care and save lives.

Thirty-three current CDMRP programs are represented with each entry detailing work that was started or significantly enhanced by CDMRP funding. The book lists key partners and collaborators for each effort and describes three new programs introduced in FY20-21 in a special section.

“Our Congressionally-Directed programs have funded innovative and impactful medical research that is truly making a difference in the lives of so many people and their families. We hope that those reading this Impact Highlights book will be inspired by what medical research can achieve and consider the promise for future efforts to help so many in need,” said COL Sarah B. Goldman, Director CDMRP. “It’s a quick read, providing a snapshot of successful research and collaboration. We are incredibly proud to have supported these accomplishments and will continue to do all we can to help transform healthcare for Service Members and the American public.”

Innovations, products and technologies featured in the book include:

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs and therapeutic strategies
  • Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers/tests
  • Novel approaches to prevention and treatment
  • Imaging technologies for clinical use
  • New standards of care and clinical practice
  • Biorepositories with clinical samples and data.

Browse or download CDMRP’s Impact Highlights here.

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Last updated Thursday, September 2, 2021