Military Suicide Research Consortium: Extension to New Opportunities and Challenges

Principal Investigator: JOINER, THOMAS
Institution Receiving Award: FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY
Program: PH-TBI
Proposal Number: 13172001
Award Number: W81XWH-16-2-0003
Funding Mechanism: Broad Agency Announcement
Partnering Awards:
Award Amount: $15,865,461.00


Background: Suicide is a significant public health problem for the military and suicide prevention is a top priority. In response to the high rates of suicide in the military, the Military Suicide Research Consortium (MSRC) was established and funded in 2010.

Objective/Hypothesis: We propose to continue the exceptional work of the MSRC for another 5 years. Primary and exploratory hypotheses do not adequately address the purpose and goals of the Consortium. Nevertheless, our seven overarching goals do serve as hypotheses in a sense that we will rigorously put to test that each are accomplished in MSRC years 6-10.

Specific Aims: The MSRC's sustained purpose is to produce highly valuable and mission-relevant deliverables: (1) new scientific knowledge on suicidal behavior in the military; (2) building on knowledge generated by the first set of MSRC studies; (3) learning from the negative findings of initial MSRC studies; (4) capitalizing on the secondary data analysis potential of the Common Data Elements; (5) high-quality and rapid information management/scientific communications; (6) train future leaders; and (7) maintain situational readiness both in the short and long term.

Study Design: Capitalizing on expertise developed in years 1-5, Drs. Gutierrez and Joiner will work closely with other MSRC members to establish and maintain a focused, flexible, and efficient research program for years 6-10.

Relevance: Our men and women in uniform deserve state-of-the-art knowledge on all aspects of their health and well-being. MSRC has a proven track record of providing this with regard to the serious problem of suicidal behavior.