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Award Number PI Product or Resource References Contact Information or Link
Yeast Models


Tomohiro Matsumoto

S. pombe strains:

  1. h- tsc2::ura4+ ura4-D18 leu1-32 cpp1-1 (YKK25)
  2. h- tsc1::ura4+ ura4-D18 leu1-32 cpp1-1 (YKK59)
  3. h-urs4-D18 leu1-32 cpp1-1 (YKK55)

  4. (2)
  5. h- rhb1-DA4 leu1-32 (M5-1e1)
  6. h- rhb1-DA4 (M5-2g3)
  7. h+/h-ade6-M210/ade6-M216 (M6-1)
  8. h+/h- rhb11/rhb1-DA4ade6-M210/ade6-M216 (M6-13 )
  9. h- rhb1-DA4 cpp1-1 (M7-1)
  10. h- rhb1-DA8 leu1-32 (M20-76)
  11. h- rhb1-DA8 (M21-13 )
  12. h- rhb1-DA8 cpp1-1 (M38-9)
  13. h+/h-rhb11/rhb1-DA8 ade6-M210/ade6-M216 (M27-1)
  14. h- tsc2Tura41 rhb1-DA8 ura4-D18(M47-25)
  15. h- tor2-ts6 rhb1-DA4(M86-20)
  16. tor1Tura41 ura4-D18a (M87-18)
  17. tor1Tura41 rhb1-DA4 ura4-D18a (M87-7)
  18. tor1Tura41 rhb1-DA8 (M88-23)

(1) Nakase Y, et al. 2006. A defect in protein farnesylation suppresses a loss of schizosaccharomyces pombe tsc2+ , a homolog of the human gene predisposing to tuberous sclerosis complex. Genetics 173:596-578.

(2) Murai T, et al. 2009. Distinctive responses to nitrogen starvation in the dominant avtive mutants of the fussion yeast Rheb GTPase. Genetics 183:517-527.


Elizabeth Henske

S. pombe strains :

  1. h-, Δtsc1::kan+
  2. h-, Δtsc2::kan+
  3. h+, ura4-D18, Δtsc1::kan+
  4. h+, ura4-D18, Δtsc2::kan+
  5. h-, leu1-32, ura-D18, ae6-216, his7-366, Δtsc1::kan+
  6. h-, leu1-32, ura-D18, ae6-216, his7-366, Δtsc2::kan+

van Slegtenhorst M, et al. 2004. Tsc1+ and tsc2+ regulate arginine uptake and metabolism in Schizo-saccharomyces pombe. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(13):12706-12713.


Elizabeth Henske

S. pombe strains :

  1. h+, pas1::ura4+, ura4-D18
  2. h-, tsc1::kan+, pas1::ura4+, ura4-D18
  3. h-, tsc2::kan+, pas1::ura4+, ura-D18
  4. h+, leul-32, pas1::ura4+, ura4-D18
  5. h+, leul-32, Δtsc1::kan+
  6. h+, leul-32, Δtsc2::kan+
  7. h+, Rhb1G63D/S165N
  8. h+, Δtsc1::kan+, Rhb1G63D/S165N
  9. h+, Δpas1::ura4+, Rhb1G63D/S165N

van Slegtenhorst M, et al. 2005. Pas1, a G1 cyclin, regulates amino acid uptake and rescues a delay in G1 arrest in Tsc1 and Tsc2 mutants in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Human Molecular Genetics 14(19):2851-2858.